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About Us

So why are we passionate about escooters?

Some of the biggest challenges of city commuting  are traffic, pollution and the endless costs of running any motor vehicle: registration, insurance, fuel... Electric scooter and bike riders get to bypass most of these; all if you live in certain parts of the world.

They bring us the cleanest form of transport we have today.

They are oh so cheap to run.
Even the upper end escooters are substantially cheaper than most any other vehicle to purchase.
What's not to love?

We source non-brand name scooters directly from the manufacturer to bring you quality finish at factory direct prices. Cool right?

All of our vehicles are CE certified at a minimum and many have won design awards. Our scootz are tried and tested with years of R&D spent perfecting the craft; especially important in such a relatively young industry.

Aside from providing you the latest in electric scooters, bikes and accessories, we also like to keep our finger on the pulse with regard to changing legislation. At the moment, there are only a handful of places in the U.S. you can ride escooters legally on roads and highways (See L.A., San Francisco, Texas).

For the rest of the world, there are numerous Asian countries where these vehicles just go unregulated and you take your chances on the road; other places like Australia only really allow escooters on footpaths but often not bike paths and certainly not roads. However, if the vehicle has pedals (plus an e-motor) it's perfectly legal to ride on the road just like any other bicycle.

The point is that this space is changing rapidly and there is much confusion out there about what is legal in your location; whether your area is on the verge of change; etc.

We are strong advocates for electric scooters and seek to apply pressure to those bureaucracies that are ready to be enlightened to the benefit of these amazing vehicles. They solve so many problems that cities are plagued with today that seen in the real light, they become a no-brainer.

Yes, we firmly believe that escooters are the next wave of super convenient, personal transport and are here to stay.

Rest assured, as technology pushes us forward into new, even more inspired personal vehicles, we'll be right there finding the best of the best for you. <see: hybrid self-balancing smart vehicle with 3D Nav driverless commute>. Remember, in 2012, escooters did not even exist. It's only the unprecedented battery development tech that has opened the door to this compact powerhouse.

In future, whatever we support, you know that it will always satisfy these minimum criteria:
Must have Solid R&D/testing built to a high design and production standard.
Must be extremely economical to run
Wholesale direct prices
Must use environmentally clean, non-polluting, technology.

Ride clean, ride safe
Ecoscootz team

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